Mabic AB and its history

Mabic AB was founded 1990 based on more than 13 years of experience on gas production and the specific needs and demands for constructions for the production and transportation of gas. Mabic AB is today a substantial supplier of baskets, bundles (packs) for cylinders, spare parts for packs and caps for cylinders to the gas production companies i Scandinavia.

To specially design and carefully adapt the product to the customers desires is our ”Trademark”.
The ”customizing” combined with very high quality, outstanding service and favorable prices has lead to Mabic AB being the market leader amongst manufactures of this kind of products in the Scandinavian market.

Mabic AB is presently the only supplier in Scandinavia able to deliver baskets for cylinders fulfilling all demands and requirements according to “machine directive” regarding this kind of product. Furthermore, we have assembled the first prototypes of racks for cylinders constructed and produced to meet the high requirements in the new standard EN 13769 / EN ISO 10961

The year 2000 we established a production facility in Poland, fully owned and controlled by us to secure production capacity, high quality and competitive prices.