The frame showed I the picture is for 12 B50 gas cylinders. The picture showed a solution with to outlet valves on the same side. Valve outlet is valid with one outlet on one side. With to outlet one on each side
Diam. =229mm
Length=1500-1570 mm to the neck ring
Total allowed weight=1580Kg including gas content.
Frame weight=220kg
Temp: +40-40 Degrees Celsius
Material: S235JR, S355JR

Notified body ÅF Control no 4390 has carried out construction control
Control certificate no K403389
Production control acc. to: EN 13769 / EN ISO 10961

performed out by TüV
Prototype Test Certificate acc.: EN13769 / EN ISO 10961
Performed by UDT
Prototype certificate no: 1433

Beyond the standard we developed a solution to hold 8 pieces B20 Aluminium bottles. At present only used for the gas CO2. This shows the flexibility we can offer.