TidanVerkenMabic Ab

Year 2004 TidanVerkenMabic Ab was acquired by Mabic AB and is now a subsidiary with focus on Pressure Vessels. The acquisition made Mabic even stronger as Tidan Verken had a long history of manufacturing quality pressure vessels. New resources such as economic stability and knowledge of PED and EN13445 made the Company one of the leading manufacturer within its genre.

We adapted technology from TidanVerken construction departement of CAD and other IT systems that could transfer idéas to printing very fast and act as basis for application approvals.

Common functions such as purchasing and finance enabling the efficient use of the included corporate functions. The companies have now worked together for some years and found their stability and product mix. TidanVerkenMabic AB has now been in its new form for a number of years. During this time, both old and new customers found their way to us.

Our mission is

Providing solutions for
Pressure vessels, Tryckkärl, cisterns and other vessels
according to the demands within Sweden and EU.
Everything from blueprints to approvals sprung from a customers ideá.